Product Detail

Quant Wave Oil Vape Battery


The proprietary Quant Wave Oil System Battery - battery pods sold separately

Double the Power + Ceramic Atomizer:

A large internal 410mAh battery delivers double the power to the wickless ceramic atomizer. Expect longer session durations, colossal vapor production, smooth vapor delivery with full body flavour.


Consumers want efficient delivery of Oil / Concentrates. Extensive R&D testing has resulted in upto 3x the vapor production, compared with rivaled vaporizer devises3 Pack of disposable pods sold separately 

Fast Charge Technology & Passthrough:

Battery dead! No need to worry.. There is zero downtime and no waiting around! Can be vaped immediately once micro USB cable is inserted and takes ONLY 25min to reach full charge.

3 Pack Battery Disposible Pods sold separately - see Wave Pods